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Matt Gallagher
Voice Over

The Voice of Your Vision

Making things clear with what you hear.

Male voice over actor - Matt Gallagher Image in Studio, Las Vegas Nevada February 2023
Male voice over actor - Matt Gallagher Image in Studio, Las Vegas Nevada February 2023
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Relatable. Authentic. Versatile.

When your venture needs a voice, and your project needs a persona – I’m here for you.

Hi I’m Matt Gallagher, a highly skilled male voice actor, with a versatile and dynamic range. 

My voice style is conversational, friendly, trustworthy, sincere and genuine. A voice that’s receptive, engaging, casual and concise.


Matt Gallagher Voice Demos
Matt Gallagher - Commercial Demo Reel
Matt Gallagher - Automotive Guy Next Door
Matt Gallagher - Sarcastic Character
Matt Gallagher - Thoughtful Fantasy Video Game
Matt Gallagher - Friendly Casual
Matt Gallagher - Compassionate Inspirational
Matt Gallagher - Humorous Streetwise
Matt Gallagher - Genuine Trustworthy
Matt Gallagher - Enthusiastic Upbeat

A Male Voice That’s Great For Any Project.

I’m flexible and capable of adjusting my voice to add a touch of realism and reliability to your characterization. My vast collection of over 100 characters allows me to provide a tangible, believable voice that can help your story come to life

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Voice Over

Radio advertisements, smart device advertising, audio streaming platforms.

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Voice Over

This includes short films, personal projects and advertisements.

Voice Overs

Voiceover work for educational / e-learning audio and video courses.

Alexa voice over by Matt Gallagher voice over

Voice Assistant & IVR Voice Overs

Voice-only command platforms and telephone recordings for businesses.

Hey, I’m Matt.

Headshot of Male Voice Actor, Matt Gallagher from Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m passionate about all forms of art, but animation holds a special place in my heart. I graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drawing and Painting.

My background in art has taught me discipline and the importance of meeting deadlines and my enthusiasm for animation has greatly influenced my approach to voice acting.

Headshot of Male Voice Actor, Matt Gallagher from Las Vegas, Nevada
IVR, Voiceover actor Nevada, Matt Gallagher Voice, image in studio
I’ve been fortunate enough to continue my education and train with Richard Horvitz, The Voice Actors Studio and The Global Voice Actors Academy. I studied motion capture performance with T.J. Storm, and I am eager to continue learning from him and the rest of Mind’s Eye Tribe.

Hear Matt Gallagher’s Voice in Action

A pro voice recording will supplement your content, whether it’s for video or audio only platforms and it helps your brand build credibility as an expert on your topic. Professional Voice Overs can be created remotely from anywhere, at any time.

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Client- Artificial Intelligence Foundation | Voice Interaction Application

Dexter the Dolphin is an interactive memory program powered by AI. It was designed by memory coaching experts with a proven track record to train their memory, improve their technical math skills, and increase their processing and reading speeds.

My voice character role as Dexter the Dolphin was to be approachable and relatable, which helps users feel comfortable when they are learning new things. His voice also has a friendly tone that makes you want to learn more from him.

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For this video project,Swan Lake Energy Storage was looking for a conversational, dependable voice to to reach the listener with a casual, yet informative tone in order to help share some of the many benefits of their facility.

  • Commercial projects like this can be done remotely, and with a quick turnaround.
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Client -Swan Lake Energy Storage | Commercial Advertisement

thumbnail for avenue west video with a VoiceOver from Matt Gallagher voice over actor
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Client - Avenue West Las Vegas | Commercial Advertisement

I had the chance to lend my professional and relatable voiceover narration skills to Avenue West and also make an on-screen appearance, for this project.

My voice over role was to narrate the video, which highlighted all of the amenities that Avenue West has to offer, as well as their commitment to providing consistent, superior housing with convenience, quality, and service.

I was able to use my professional tone and relatable voice in order to convey how important it is for businesses to have options when it comes to corporate housing solutions.

Matt Gallagher Voice Over

Client Testimonials

Best Voice Over Ever 10/10
Trenton Fisher
We gave Matt a rough brief and he hit the nail on the head first time round.
Great voice but also understands clearly what you are looking for.
Matt Proudy
Ameo Creative
Matt was very responsive and easy to work with. Highly Recommended.
Steven Fisher
Quantum Metric
Outstanding voice talent, highly recommended, and I'd love to work with him again he does a fantastic job!
Chris Naef
Haunted Lantern Games
...made me laugh even though I knew what I was getting and didn't write a funny script! Looking forward to hiring you again!
Linda Sue Games

Matt Gallagher’s Voice Over Studio

A pro voice recording will supplement your content. The proper cadence, inflections, and intonations can make all the difference. So, it’s best left to professionals – with the pro tools, rather than you or your employees, ensuring that no one is multitasking while trying to find the time to also try their luck at recording.


sE Electronics SE2200

Digital Audio Workstation

Audacity equipped with Izotope and RX8

Pre-Amp Interface

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

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Source Connect

ID: @Mattgallaghervo

Remote Work

Based in Nevada, Working Remotely.

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